Horror injuries of football coach tortured by gang who carved ‘nonse’ into skin


These horrific pictures reveal the gruesome injuries inflicted on a football coach who was tortured with weapons and had the word “nonse” carved into his back.

A drug-fuelled gang tied Jordan Storey to a chair and set his hands, feet and hair on fire, pulled out his teeth with pliers in a terrifying attack that was broadcast to the victim’s family and friends on social media.

Disturbing pictures obtained by ChronicleLive show gaping, bloodied wounds after Mr Storey’s arms and legs were sliced, and bruises up and down his body as he lay in a hospital bed.

The attackers, who used an axe, sledgehammer, knife, dog chain and dumbbell bar to torture their victim, misspelled the word “nonce” – slicing “nonse” instead – when they carved up Mr Storey’s back. There was no suggestion the 28-year-old was responsible for any wrongdoing.

Mr Storey feared he was going to be murdered as he listened to the attackers – Jamie Barker, Lewis Herman, Rebecca McNally and Chelsea Wilson-Ford, the victim’s close friend – discuss killing him and dumping his body on a beach at Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear.

They even plotted to frame him and wrongly accuse him of raping McNally in a bid to get away with the despicable attack, which was carried out at at Wilson-Ford’s flat.

The group recorded video of the attack and shared the footage on social media, where it was watched by Mr Storey’s family and friends.

Mr Storey agreed for two pictures of his ghastly injuries to be released after his attackers were jailed on Thursday.

He wasn’t rescued until 48 hours after the attack. When police arrived at the bloodstained flat on an unrelated matter on February 23 last year, they found the victim badly injured as he lay on a mattress.

His skin was yellow as he had suffered acute kidney failure and he had a large number of injuries.

His injuries included broken ribs, a broken nose, broke toe, deep cuts all over his body including a dozen wounds to his forearm.

He also had a deep cut to his thumb where the bone was visible.

Mr Storey suffered cigarette burns to his arm and hand and had “nonse” carved into his back.

The victim had known Wilson-Ford for 10 years when she phoned him on February 17 last year saying her partner, Barker, had assaulted her, Newcastle Crown Court was told.

Mr Storey and a friend assaulted Barker at the flat, but no complaint was made to the police.

Mr Storey stayed at the flat, in Whitley Bay, to protect Wilson-Ford.

He was assaulted but returned to the flat to look after his friend, and he and the other four consumed alcohol into the early hours of February 21.

The other four, who had taken MDMA, then began inflicting horrific violence on Mr Storey.

After the attack, police analysed Barker’s phone and found videos and photos of the violence.

Herman had posted video of the attack on Facebook.

Ten people had alerted police to tell officers the footage was on social media.

In a victim impact statement, Mr Storey said: “The injuries I sustained are horrific and I genuinely thought they were going to kill me. I had accepted this was the end for me.

“All I could thing about was my children and family. I feared I would never see them again.

“Instead of killing me they decided to scar me for life and carve ‘nonce’ in big letters onto my back and degrade me for life while I was strapped to the chair.

“The footage was shared with almost everyone in my local area and my friends and family have viewed how I was tortured.

“The humiliation is beyond description. Being tortured was horrific.”

Mr Storey says he feels like a “thug” due to his scars and cannot work as a shopfitter due to nerve damage caused by the deep wound to his thumb.

He told the court how the attackers laughed after setting his feet on fire.

Mr Storey said he has PTSD, his ambulance worker mum is also traumatised, and he is no longer able to work as a football coach.

He was horrified by the sick plan to frame him for rape, with McNally saying she would do something to make it look like he had raped her.

Barker, 28, of Shiremoor, Herman, 25, of North Shields and McNally, 29, of Wallsend, all pleaded guilty to wounding with intent.

Wilson-Ford, 23, of Whitley Bay, admitted unlawful wounding.

Barker, who has 78 previous convictions and Herman, who has 34 previous convictions, were both jailed for 10 years and three months.

McNally, in trouble seven times before, received nine years.

Wilson-Ford, who has no previous convictions, was jailed for two years.

All were also given indefinite restraining orders.

Defence barristers said all four were sorry for their actions.